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Suicide can be stopped by Homoeopathy

Suiciding is a mental unbalancing or disease .In many times of our life majority of people had thinked of suicide, because human beings are highly sensitive. Mind is a complex texture, we cannot predict what we will do in the next moment. In homoeopathy mental symptoms like fear, anxiety, illusion delusion, suicide mania etc have much importance in selecting the Homoeo medicine. On case taking suiciding-attempting patient, many of them have different thinking about suiciding. Some of the types and reasons are given below.

  • By hanging only they wants to die

  • Fear about diseases incurable ,wants to die

  • Sighs and sobs, desire to be alone, thinks of suiciding

  • Sad weeping mood without cause<by consolation

  • Suicidal melancholia, hopelessness<sunset to sunrise

  • Depression aversion to society from sexual causes

  • From grief or worry wants to suicide

  • Anguish driving out of bed at night ,fear of alone, inclined to suicide


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