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Seismic house in Earthquake areas

The Shocking disastrous event happened in Iran and other seismic areas have to think of my type of seismic house to save the human life and reduce the death rate considerably.

In this world each and every living being is having their own house. Man makes home in his highest ideas. But some times these are crushed in a moment by an earthquake.

To overcome the falling of building in seismic effect and protect people from this disastrous event research is going on world widely. There are different types of houses in the world according to topography and environment.

I, Dr. Sunil Chandran had built a home fully of Ferro cement technology specially designed to over come the natural calamity especially Earthquake. The materials used are three-inch boulders for basement concrete and for shuttering and roofing granite chips are used. The steel used is 2.5mm, 6mm and 12mm bars. Single and multi-storied building can be built in this method with some changes in steel erection. Being the first attempt some defects are there.

Seismic houses are specially designed to overcome seismic effects and, there by preventing the crashing of building and reducing the death rate to a minimum. The noteworthy point is that my seismic house design is based on low-cost building technology, which is affordable to the common people who are mainly the victims of Earthquakes.

In this building there is no bricks and wood. The walls and roofs are only two inches in thickness. The skeleton is built with steel, which is concrete from bottom to top, both shuttering and roofing are in a single structure. So this won’t fall, if happens only crumble in the seismic effect.

For multi storied building intermittent pillars are to be given according to the number of floor .In the security and strength these type of buildings are guaranteed than other types of buildings where the wall thickness is high and will break and fall. Once it is fallen it will collapse.

The very interesting thing is that in this type of building requires only 1/10 material, such as rock, sand, cement etc. than other type of building technology. Thus using this technology we can reduce the use of raw materials there by we can protect the environment also.

The Ferro cement building is low cost, echo friendly and protects from seismic effect, therefore popularization of this technology and back up support from the government is necessary. In Iran this type of buildings are to be thought to save people from the next episode of seismic effect. If anybody wants this type of building please feel free to contact me.

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