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     Dr. Sunil Chandran Bsc, DHMS

I am a doctor having a good homoeopathic practice for the last fifteen years.

All types of patients are coming for treatment, including diabetic patients. In my knowledge the modern science is considering diabetes as incurable and we have to take life long medicine.

In early years we believed that the rejuvenation of islets of pancreas was not possible, but some recent research studies shows that it is possible.
There are number of patients in my consultation undergoing treatment for diabetes. Majority of them are chronic and some are insulin dependent [IDP].

Among these many of them had stopped their insulin and tablets within six months to one year and are engaging in regular life under Homoeo  Medicine.          

My Findings
De- Addiction
De- Criminalism
Suicide Prevention
Allergy, Astma
Seismic House
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