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De-criminalism through Homoeopathy

The concepts of thinking about crime prevention is a very difficult task. This can be answered in a comprehensive scientific assessment. In my opinion Prevention should be from families, childhood and, schools because criminal nature is mainly inborn. From childhood moral education to the babies are necessary. From parents and school reports, the criminal nature can be understood from the very beginning. Children who are very irritable quarrelsome, spiteful, biting, pinching, throwing things, killing flies selfishness etc we have to note from the beginning. These all individualities can be corrected by giving suitable Homoeopathic medicine according to Homoeopathic principle in the childhood itself. This is a criminal behavior or disease will continue as they grow. When they grow older the presentation of mental emotions and passions also increase in its violents.

Crime prevention is widely misunderstood. Is ‘Punishment’ the only possible tool for crime prevention? . No, any policy which causes a lower number of crimes to occur in the future than would have occurred without that policy should be considered. Some kinds of punishment for some kinds of offenders may be preventive, while in others it may be a crime causing, and still others may have no effect at all. They will do repeatedly the same crime even though they had got severe punishment . So in these type of cases punishment alone cannot correct these people, because this behavior is a mental disease and for that we have to give homoeopathic treatment which can prevent and cure the particular mental behavior of that patient .If we are giving a suitable Homoeopathic medicine to this patient after detailed case taking his criminal mind can be corrected. So, one of the best solutions for this crime prevention is Homoeopathic treatment, because it is a slight mental diseases and that can be cured very easily.

Scientific, and professional knowledge is concerning the etiology, prevention, control but Homoeopathic treatment should be given along with the above to get a permanent solution. This includes the measurement and detection of crime, legislation and practice of criminal law, as well as the law enforcement, judicial and correctional systems. The authority have to take steps to include Homoeopathic system of treatment to save these poor people at the earliest. In the everyday life in each and every corner of the country or world "goondayism or cricriminalism" is increasing. This is due to criminal disease state mind and use of alcohol and narcotic drug addiction. In a criminal this drug or alcohol distort the power and capacity of the brain and drive man to irrational behavior and irresponsible actions.

Criminalism is a slight mental disease, which can be cured, through Homoeopathic treatment. Criminalism is a mental condition in which man gets angry and suddenly do something cruel. He cannot control himself from doing it. Mind and body are in close relation. Mind decides and the body obeys. This depends on each patients individual thinking, character, sensitiveness, fear, anxiety etc. Mind reacts in different ways ,according to situations. This means we cannot predict what he will do in the next moment, though he had responded same type in similar circumstances . The type and intensity of reaction varies in individuals.

This criminal mind we can see from the childhood itself. Some children are very irritable, wants many things ,doing cruel ,killing fly's and worms, pinching and knocking mother etc. If they get angry they will spoil whatever in their hand and kicks with that. Some of them doesn't like to face strangers, some will answer in one or two words ,some will make a word in to a story, like wise each individual shows their won peculiarity. While they grow this habit or disease also increases. In this stage they can tell what is in their mind, use wrong words, to bite, wants to kill or for anything in Homoeo there is medicine   

So first thing is after Homoeopathic case taking according to "Law of similars" and Totality of symptoms select a remedy which has a corresponding mental and physical state and then give that Homeopathic medicine which can produce the same condition of the patient who is under treatment for Criminalism. Mental condition or symptoms may vary in different patient, according to circumstances their thinking, emotions Character, sensitivity etc. some of them wants to

These are some of the mental uneasiness of the patient expressed while case taking. After taking total physical and mental symptoms of the patient, select the Homoeopathic medicine according to "Law of similars" and if give to the patient the cure will take place.     

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