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De addiction in Homoeopaty

Addiction is a bodily and mental condition in which man is forced to do something. He cannot control himself from doing it. Mind and body are closely related; body is demanding and is doing. So first we have to stop the habit forcibly and take the homeopathic medicine simultaneously which can produce the same symptoms of desire and mental uneasiness in the patient who is under treatment for de addiction. Here we have to take all mental and physical symptoms of the patient, his cravings, desire, habits in food and doings especially the root cause for the addiction.

People are addicted to many things, especially Alcohol, chewing, narcotics, smoking etc. Depending on the item and period of addiction we have to differentiate the case and treat the patient Homeopathically. The Government should initiates a discussion within the Commission on Narcotic Drugs of alternative ways-including the possibility of Homoeopathic treatment for regulation-to tackle the global drugs dilemma.

I here by assure you that Homeopathic treatment can save millions of people from drinking alcohol and all other addiction .The merit is that there is no side effect in homeopathic deaddicton. Addictions of drugs are more complicated.

Are all drugs to be sold freely? Only cannabis,opium, morphine, heroin and cocaine? What about crack?

Drugs are not harmful because they are illegal. They are illegal for the very fact that they are harmful. Drugs or alcohol distort the power and capacity of the brain and drive man to irrational behavior and irresponsible actions. Prison sentences would still have to be given for the many crimes that would be committed under the influence of drugs.

It is true that alcohol and tobacco give rise to a number of injurious effects, among them premature death. We should rather treat alcohol and tobacco more strictly than the other way round!

Some 10-20% of those who consume alcohol becomes addicts. In the case of cocaine, even 20-35% becomes a addict. This means that medical care and treatment capacity would have to be greatly increased. Few, if any, countries can afford such a great expansion of treatment facilities. Some experts claim that the percentage of those who become addicted is even higher. Some of them claim that almost 70% of cocaine users become addicted.

According to these latter assessments, the number of cocaine addicts would be ten times as great as it is at present if legalization was made total. In addition, it may be stated that the consumption patterns for alcohol and for illegal drugs differ greatly. An overwhelming majority of those who drink alcohol are seldom intoxicated. In the case of illegal drugs, intoxication is the sole purpose of consumption. Intoxication constitutes the foundation for the development of addiction, namely that consumption is repeated in order to re-experience the pleasurable intoxicating effect. This addiction can be stopped by Homoeopathic treatement very effectively. Thus we can save whole mankind.         

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