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Cancer Prevention and Treatment in Homoeopathy.


The very concept of prevention of disease was elaborated and practiced by Homoeopathy before any of the western system of medicine. The true "Prakshanadhi pankasiya durathasparsanamvaram". The quintessence of prevention of disease was promulgated and propagated by our medicine, the Vedic medicine. But it was some thing novel to the western medicine and was introduced, preached and propagated by Dr. S. Hahnneman through Homoeopathy. Preventing disease is better than curing it. That is why we have to think of Homeopathic medicine and its importance in preventing cancer disease..

According to Homoeopathic principle "The highest ideal of a cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles."

Disease is the slight alteration or derangement of the vital force from the healthy condition. In Homoeopathy we treat the altered stage or the symptoms total of the patient as a whole. This means in Homoeopathy, total uneasiness (diseases) of the patients is treated as a whole, both mental and physical symptoms are taken according to the Homeopathic principle "Similia similibus curenter "or same cures same.

For this we use special type of drug potentisation through succussion or tritueration by which the hidden powers of its won medinal properties is aroused. By this method of potentisation after third or fourth potency the drug material cannot be identified microscopically. Though the material quantity is not there the medicinal quality is increased in each potentisation. Thus We believe in qualitative and not in quantitative medicine. So we have no side effects in Homeo, but only desired effects.

If a patient complaints of some eye problem he will go to an ophthalmologist. If it is headache or ear problem he will go to an ENT doctor, or if it is mental uneasiness they will go to a neurologist or psychiatric consultation. Like vise in a single patient for head alone we need a group of doctors. But in Homoeopathy a single Homoeo doctor can treat the patient with all above complaints.

In short allopathic medicine is to get rid of the symptom even at the cost of producing other and worse symptoms. But in Homoeopathy total symptoms is taken and a single medicine which can cover all the symptoms of the patient by selecting and giving.. This is the specialty and major merit of Homoeopathy.

Through personal, subjective, objective, characteristics, desire, cravings, habits, body constitution, family history of cancer and other diseases, menstrual , reproductive history, occupation, diet, alcohol , tobacco use, and physical activity of these patients which now go unchecked can be identified by proper earlier cancer finding programs and homeopathic treatment can save the life of these millions of people.

Some Medical conditions are associated with increased risk of various cancers include diabetes related pancreatic and colon cancer, hormone treatment for infertility leads to ovarian and breast cancer, several, non-melanoma skin cancer and hypertension or antihypertensive medications leads to some renal cancer or familial or some food are also the causes.

In 1801 in that year Dr Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy, wrote an essay titled The Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever in which he described his success with the use of the remedy Belladonna 30 to treat patients with scarlet fever. He also described how he used the remedy to prevent infection in others patients.

The remedy was chosen because of the similarity between the symptoms, which Belladonna was known to produce the common symptoms of scarlet fever when given to healthy people. The foundation law of Homoeopathy "The Law of Similars" is to select remedies for both the treatment and prevention of diseases and has been used by homoeopaths since 1801.

The homoeopathic treatment, it is not possible to provide an explanation of the mechanism of action of homoeopathy in present-day orthodox scientific terms. The modern science will understand and accept the lab findings and other reports only. Homoeopathic medicine has been a safe and effective healing modality for 200 years. It works for treatment and prevention.

These are demonstrable facts to all except the ardently closed-minded scientists. True science would not be so prejudiced or closed-minded. If a method worked, despite not being understood in terms of current medical models, a true scientist would see this a challenge to explore. The mechanism of action can be explained homoeopathically in terms of predisposition or sensitivity - something we call idiosyncrasy.

Dr Samuel Hahnemann had proved many drugs 200 years back in which cancers symptoms in different organs or parts are clearly specified. According to Homoeopathic principle and totality of symptom we have to individualize each case and prescribe the correct indicated medicine. This is to be propagated with high value because people are not aware of this method of treatment.

The highlighting point is that we have already well proved Homoeopathic medicine for all type cancers of, blood, uterin, breast ,bone , endocrine, skin, or intestinal etc. In the palliative care also Homoeo medicine can do a lot. In Homoeo for the pain ,its type ,burning or stinging or squeezing etc, location ,sensation, and for time modality we have particular medicine having the similar type of pain which can cure the patient or give relief.

There are several ways homeopathy can cure and help cancer patients. First, there are specific remedies for various cancers. These remedies may be used whether a person has conventional treatment or not.

Homeopathy can also help the psychological issues, which occur in cancer. There are remedies for ailments from bad news, anxiety, and fear of disease, fear of dying. Homeopathy can also help with terminal pain. rim. All rights reserved.

Genetics plays a part in the development of cancer but we can't blame heredity alone for this frightening epidemic. Since heredity is probably greatest of all determining factors, one of the chief difficulty in arriving at a plan for giving application to these views is that there is no unanimity of opinion from Government side. According to homoeopathy mental worries, stress, after some diseases or treatment the disease will appear suddenly.

The discussion and consideration of the prevention of disease and promotion of health is very important. In future, since heredity is probably the greatest of all determining factors of chronic disease, any disease and defects of both ovum and sperm, which if allowed to remain unnoticed and not corrected, will result into diseased or deformed progeny. So prevention should be from the parents and only through Homoeo, which can even correct these hereditary deformities by giving the constitutional, temperamental and miasmatic medicine.


Public health is indebted particularly to the venereal disease control, tuberculosis control, and the latest cancer finding programme. These control programmes are integrating their case finding activities, we must at the same time be aware of its present limitation and weakness. We must remember that even today we are facing these diseases.

For this prevention of disease and promotion of health can be done through homoeopathy. Diseases like cancer, hypertension and diabetes are the three diseases most commons now a day's and, these diseases are considered as incurable and require life long treatment in modern system. For the above three diseases through proper Homeopathic treatment we can cure 80% of these diseases within three years even if they are chronic. Though in Homoeopathy number of cancer and diabetic patients are cured there is no systematic data studies are doing.

A plan for giving application to these views we have to start a research oriented Homeopathic center at the earliest to save these millions of cancer and diabetic patients.


For this we have to conduct medical camps in selected areas. Make a full case record of each patient registering in the camp (including case history and lab reports). This being a primary attempt it is very difficult to start primary centers all over state wise.

To cover all over district level panchayath based centers are required. But it is also expensive in the beginning. So it is better to have a mobile unit containing consultation, lab facilities and pharmacy, which contains one or two main doctors, junior doctors and lab technician and assistants.

A research-oriented study of treatment and work in homoeopathy is necessary at the earliest. There are large number of patients coming to me for treatment. Majorities of them are recovering successfully. Unfortunately  funding agencies are not helping individuals. I am working in TBGRI a research institute in Kerala.
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