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Asthma can be cured in Homoeopathy

What is asthma ?, asthma is not just a disease of the lungs. Asthma is a , deep level disorder involving the immunological system in the body, So it is clear that any treatment targeted simply at the lung symptoms will not save the patient but only spoil the case or can give only temporary relief. Just to relive the symptoms of suffocation and cough will prove too superficial an approach. In Homoeopathy we treat the patient as a whole and not the disease alone.

When we talk about the treatment of asthma , we have to be clear about 'what is to be treated in the case of asthma? 'For this we have to find out the causes of asthma, let us recall that asthma is not just a disease of the lungs. We can cure 90% of asthma in Homoeopathic treatment.

According to Homoeopathic principle Asthma may be do to the complication or suppression of skin diseases, which had been treated by local application ,or some mental shock in the childhood or do to any allergic condition may lead to asthmatic condition. So if the patient is complaining of asthma started from childhood and is telling that she had history of eczema and asthma is started after that we have to treat the skin diseases. If it is a suppressed skin eruption it will reappear and asthma also disappear simultaneously .Like wise we have to take the total symptoms or both mental and physical uneasiness and have to select a Homoeopathic medicine according "law of similar "and totality of symptoms Some asthma comes in day , some in mid night some in early morning, or wakes with like that it is relieved by slow fanning, high speed fanning open air, sitting erect , stooping forward etc, for each symptoms there is particular medicine in Homoeopathy.

Some persons asthmatic do to some allergy like Dust smell of flowers, in closed rooms or even thinking of the disease the symptoms will appear.., and for all these in Homoeo there is specific medicines. For this we need individual case study in every case of asthma.       

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